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The world of Tantrik Homas and Poojas

We conduct Poojas and homas throughout the world as a remedy for various problems in your life and for the physical, mental, spiritual and intellectual progress and prosperity.

Poojas helps the devotee to connect with the deity spiritually.

Whereas, Homas are the sacred fire ritual performed by chanting mantras invoking the blessings of the deity.

It is believed that homas and Poojas will nullify the negativity around.

We conduct poojas and homas for the removal of Black Magic. Also, It acts as a protection from getting affected from any further Black magic.

All Poojas & homas - according to the basis of Mantrik - jyotisha will be performed either at the devotees premises /offices/ homes or at Edamana vedic center.


kerala mantrik

Mahaganapathi Homam

Ashtadravya mahaganapathi
homam enjoys the highest
dignity among all ganapathi
homams out of 32 ganapathi
homams. More

kerala black magic

Pooja Bhagavathi seva

Thrikaala indicates dawn, noon
and night. It is done as 3 sep
arate pooja’s in a day. Thrikaala
pooja is done to avoid all mis
eries & calamities & to More

Mantrik yantra

Mruthyunjaya homam

To avoid all dieses , other tor
tures & untimely death occur
ring as a result of our sinful
acts. By doing Mruthyunjaya
Homam with dravyam More

kerala pooja

Navagraha Pooja

This pooja helps to destroy the
negative powers of planets
and it pleases the nine plan-
ets.Grahasanthi homam is done in home More