We follow strict kerala family tradition rules to prepare this elass@yantras and also according to manthrik, tantric system. Elass to wear is available in silver and gold. Every individual have different needs of elass, there is no point wearing a elass that doesn’t work well on you. We will check your horoscope first before deciding which elass is best suited for you hence checking horoscope is a must.

Elas - After 41 days of pooja, Elas/Yantra will give direclty only to the concerned person

The following are, very simple and basic explanation of some popular elass and its function

Maha ganapathy yantra

Remover of all obstacles, helps one to attain Siddhi, prosperity and success.

Vidya rajagopala yantra

King of all Yanthras. Improvement in studies, memory, intelligence

Santhana gopala yantra

Couples who wanting a child. This is a very effective yantra

Rina mochana yantra

Get relieved in financial debts, help to accumulate wealth

Madana gopala yantra

Attraction for male/female , and attraction of females/male

Mahasudarshana yantra

Protection from all supernatural attacks e.g. black magic, ghost, enemy etc; help to attain wealth, gain of prosperity, lands, good health

Purusha sukta

Related to mahavishnu to get male child,prosperity, god blessings. Full protection

Sri yantra

Wealth, health , all around prosperity

Vagaaha sukta yantra

for court cases

Kshipra ganapathy yantra

Sudden result. Attraction. Wealth.Improvement in life

Vsatru purusha yantra

Protection of the house ,peaceful atmosphere , prosperity etc

Swayamvara yantra

Removes obstacles to marriage, getting ideal partner.Prosperity

Vsahya yantra

To attract anyone

Mruthasanjevani yantra

Protection and recovery from deadly disease , from untimely death,protection black magic for prosperity and success

Aghora yantra

A special kind of pooja to remove all obstacles in marriage and it ensures a happy married life.

Rajagopala yantra

Gives wealth , enjoyment , attractive personality etc. good for person who is looking for work

Hanuman yantra

Victory in everything, protection from dangers,evils,good health

Tripura sundari yantra

Gain good health, fortunes, wealth, respect etc

Mahalakshmi yantra

Ensure good prosperity, prevent financial problem, ensure good flow of wealth etc

Shooline yantra

Protection from black magic, enemy , commands respect

Annapoorneswari yantra

Achieves overall prosperity

Durga yantra

Protection from black magic, diseases ,improves luck etc

Bhadrakali yantra

protection from all kind of negative energy etc