Chakraabja Pooja

In Chakraabja pooja , considering the whole universe as a wheel & treating Lord Mahavishnu as the centre of all, chanting Gayathrimanthra not less than 108 times. Aim is prosperity in all means.

Worshipping the Lord with Chakrabja Mandala as peetha (pedestal) is specially rewarding. The omnipresent Supreme being can be visualised through this Chakrabja Mandala, which is designed as a frame work suitable for meditation. The Supreme being is present in all the thathwas, respective Abhimani devathas and Rashis and Stars. Except the Purusha Suktha, the remaining seven Maha Manthras and forms of the Lord to be meditated through them are depicted in the Mandala.

Worshipping the Lord through this holy medium without desire for returns is an excellent means for realising the Supreme Being within oneself. Chakrabja Mandala is not just a figure or a design for the purpose of keeping Prathima or Saligrama for worshipping. It is mainly meant for Dhyanopasana meditation of the large innumerable number of Bhagavad roopas which control and regulate the Kaala, the Thathwas etc of the seven Mahamanthras.