Namaste, I am Jishnu Vasudevan Namboothiri.
 Many have asked about Ealas – we can mention it in different names like taalismaan, thayathu and yantram etc. why to wear it, how to wear it and what are the basic needs to wear it. 
This is Ealas made of Gold. We can make it in Silver too. Let us see what are the benefits of wearing this.
The first and foremost step before writing/making an ealas is that we need to check whether it is really needed for us. We can identify that only through horoscope checking. Just because we see others wearing it there is no need to wear it without any necessity. It cannot be worn just like that without any need as it is so pure and powerful. We should wear it only if it is really needed. We should not wear it just to show off. Likewise for infants also there is no need to wear as they may tend to bite or damage it which will create more problems than providing benefit. Hence there is no need to give it to infants.
By checking the horoscope, for our career development or for any health issues we can identify which type of ealas we have to wear. There are thousands of types of Ealas available. Only after examining the horoscope we could identify which deity’s ealas we should wear. In the case of vaishnav we have Narasimha and rajagopala yanthram. So first we need to understand and study which type of yantra we can wear. Only after studying that we can write/make that yantra and wear it. There are a lot of regulations for writing/making it too. We cannot prepare and give an ealas all of a sudden just like they may come and ask an ealas for the reason as their son is moving abroad. For any reason we cannot provide it like that. There are respective customs for preparing ealas. Just like dedicating a deity in a temple,we have equal customs and ways for doing it only then we get full benefit from ealas. Likewise it is not made for just one or two years. We can use it for lifelong as it is done after examining the horoscope so it is for our future. It is not that we have Sani dasa so we wear Sani’s yanthra and later we can discard. We cannot do it like that. This is not for such discarding. We have to safeguard it and treat it in the same way as we treat God only then we get its full benefit. 
Generally we require 41 days to write and complete an ealas. There are a lot of steps involved as we have to write first then the purification process, later we need to sanctify with water, pooja, homam,sambaathisparsham then japam(prayer), darppanam and so on. We need to complete all these step by step. We require 41 days to do all these steps. We finally have japam also. If we do all these steps only it will get its full power. That is why we have to do all those steps and acts involved before dedication of deity in a temple same we should do for this too. In 41 days only we can complete all these steps. We cannot complete it in just a week’s time. Nowadays there are a lot of readymade printed ones available in the market. It is all just a business model. when we make it properly after completing all those processes only then we get its full benefit. Many have told me I have worn ealas but I did not get any benefit. We have to examine the horoscope, identify the problem and see which deity’s we need to make, it doesn’t mean there are many, it means which way a deity is involved only after understanding that we need to prepare an ealas and we have to wear an ealas prepared in such way. Maximum we should refrain sending/or receiving it through post/courier. We should obtain it directly by hand from an acharyaa after giving dakshina. Maximum to an extent of 90% I avoid sending it through the post. I will hand it over directly. Many have visited me from foreign countries to buy it. People living abroad have told me to send it over but I won’t send it. Rarely I send it as a one off case that too for people living in countries like the USA and Canada as it is very difficult for them to visit India often else I won’t send. Even people living in foreign countries will come here and buy it. It has to be like that only then they will get its benefits in full. It is not a business item to take money and send it over the post within a week’s time. It possesses so much purity and divinity. We should consider its value so much. 
We have to follow a few things even after wearing it. We have to understand directly from an Acharyan what are things to be followed like which type of prayer we have to do after wearing it. Only after knowing it directly from an Acharyan, wearing it will give us full benefit. We have to wear it after considering these factors only then we will get its benefits like if it is for improvement in health and for any business development requirement.
I have told before there is a seperate Ealas available for rectification of any health issues after which particular pooja and homa had been done especially for that purpose. Same way we have it for business requirements too. Many have come in demand of Vashikaran Ealas. We have a lot of types of Vashikaran like Vashikaran for business purposes and requirements. We mostly do Ealas for business requirements. Same way we do have Ealas for obtaining a good family life. We have ealas for increasing beauty and attraction. It is not a joke. I am saying the reality. Many have asked me if there is any ealas available for increasing beauty. It is available. We can make it in a good way and there are few things to follow after wearing it which we will teach them. We will tell them what are the things to follow when we handover the ealas to them directly. If they follow those things, they can see visible differences. There is no doubt that they will be able to see the difference within the specified time like within weeks or month’s time as we specify. 
Another part is Yantram. It is big and we can frame it and keep it in our home. Normally we keep yantras like mahalakshmi yantra and maha sudarshana yantra at home. Same way we have yantras for keeping at hotels and restaurants too. Each one has a different form. We do have yantras which we can keep at the office for business requirements. Each one is a different yantra. For each type of business we have each type of yantra as only if we keep that particular yantra of that particular god we get its benefit fully. We have to keep it in our prayer room where we lit lamps, we have to offer our prayers daily to it. We have special yantra which we can keep at hotels in particular. When we do this for removing any hindrance in career and business development we can keep it only after removing the negative energy there or if any kind of black magic is done over there. Only then we get the positive energy from it. If we keep this in a place with negative energy we cannot get that positivity means we can’t get that energy. There is a lot of competition among the hotel industry including five star hotels. I have understood it a few years before when I went to do pooja there. We can understand that negativity when we enter that place itself. So when we remove those negativity from there and keep these kinds of yantras there then they will get good energy when their client enters that place itself. They get that positivity to attract their clients back again to that same place. 
So for each place either it may be hotels, business premises, offices or even hospitals we have to keep a different type of yantra for each place. We cannot keep the same yantra at all the places. When we understand that and do it, our prosperity level will increase every day and we can reach heights and flourish.
Another doubt that everyone has is where to wear these yantras. we can wear on our neck and waist.Based on the individual’s wish it can be worn either in gold or silver. It is not that if it is in silver it is less powerful. So we can wear it like that. If you are going to wear it, you have to examine the horoscope before and you can get it made from others.There is no need to panic If the horoscope is not available, and if you are not aware of the Date and time of your birth. If you say your requirements, based on which we can have a prasanna horary then we could be able to know about your problem clearly and we can identify which type of ealas is required and we can make it ready. 


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