I am Jishnu Vasudevan Namboothiri. I welcome you all to our Edamana Vedic Centre.

This is not the old location which you have all seen before. This is a new location. Our Vedic center’s construction is almost finished. We have done pooja here. The video of the same will be posted soon. Today’s video is about EALAS which everyone is asking for and everyone requires it. We call it as Thaayathu in Tamil. How to wear that Ealas? What are the things we need to concentrate on? Everyone says i need to wear ealas, I have not got any benefit after wearing it like that. First of all, we need to understand a few things. Today we are going to see what are things we need to be aware of before we say something about Ealas to one person. I am talking about myself. Say if one person is requesting me and calling me for an Ealas, first of all I check whether the same is required for them or not. If it is not essential, just making one and giving it to them and getting money won’t be useful. So, if it is essential for that individual only it can be worn. If suppose our business is down, a problem at work place, problem in family or to achieve our desire etc., we should not wear the ealas. Sometimes their problems are such that even wearing an ealas won’t be a remedy for that. Firstly, after checking the horoscope, we need to check thoroughly whether an ealas is necessary or not for them. After checking like that, we need to identify what is the problem and their requirement as career developments, the work (karma Bhavam) related house in horoscope has to be checked. After understanding the problem, we need to check which type of Ealas is required for that person. There are hundreds of types of yantra. So, we need to check only then we can make ealas. Sometimes that individual might not need that ealas. we need to check the horoscope of that individual, and see the problem in career or why that person is unable to save the money or why they are unable to do an Invesment for future and by doing some Naama japam they can reach heights in their career for sure. 

Another important thing is that, when we ask to make an ealas, many people ask me and say that they need it next week or next month. If they approach me to make an ealas I will request them at least 5 months’ time. The reason is that we need 41 days to write and make an ealas. Not only for writing and making but also to do pooja, homa, tharpanam and Naama japam for it and there are lot of procedures like this. We need 41 days to complete all those procedures. I won’t be available here every day. sometimes I may travel aboard, or outstation for pooja etc.so I cannot do this during those days. So, I will do those things only when I am available here. So, I may require 4 to 5 months for that. Sometimes there would be situations where it may take more than 5 months. Another thing is that, if I agree to make an ealas for a person, I won’t entertain the process of “sending” that ealas to them. Because we are doing poojas, and other rituals all these days and making it so powerful, just by sending it in courier or post (thapaal)  makes me worry a lot. So, I will hand it over to them only ‘by hand’. So, only those who can get it like that can approach me. I am saying this because when I am giving this, it should be useful for their lifetime and not for just 6 months or a year. Some may say ‘Thirumeni, it is for a year’ like that. it is not like that. If an ealas is made after reading and checking an individual’s horoscope, it can be used by that individual for their lifetime. It should be used like that then only its power improves in due course of time. After wearing those ealas we need to worship the deity to whom that ealas is belongs. Then only the power of that ealas grows more. based on its improving power, all our problems get solved and our prosperity also improves. we may get all prosperity in life. If someone is moving aboard, we can hand it over to them in their hand safely.  I am doing that. There are yantras not only to wear in our body but also to keep at pooja room at home, to keep in office premises, to keep in hotels, or to keep in any other business places. We need to keep each different yantras for each different premises. Suppose if it is Sudharsana yantra at one place, some may need Mahalakshmi yantra or Maha Ganapathi yantra. So, for every nature of business, and business premises, individual yantra is needed.  for example, if it is an educational institution there is a separate yantra for it. The yantra is the mere spatial appearance of that deity itself. So, in front of that yantra, if we lit a ghee lamp or a lamp with gingelly oil and worship daily, that business establishment may grow and develop. 

Another doubt that people have that, we write yantra like this and fold and put it into that ealas. Once we put that into ealas, what are the things we need to follow? for example, whether we can eat non vegetarian food, whether we can drink liquor or whether we can indulge in sexual relationships etc. People have a lot of such doubts. I am saying, just only one condition is that when we go for a funeral, we should remove it and go. If we are going to a funeral directly from the office we need to remove and keep it in our car at least and then only we should go there. It is a negative energy there at the funeral. So, we need to avoid that connection. Suppose it is fine to go there but if we get a situation to touch the dead body there, we need to avoid such situation maximum. I have discussed this issue with a person before and he asked me back how can a doctor follow this and wear these ealas.? as he may require to go to mortuary or he may require to touch a dead body. In such conditions how can a doctor wear an ealas? I reply to them saying, there is a gold sheet. This is a silver sheet, and this is copper. Similarly, there are gold sheets 24carat. We need to write in gold sheets, and writing it in gold sheets may require little more elaborate poojas and rituals and it should be in a gold capsule. Gold won’t be considered impure. The physician can wear it in gold 24×7. Similarly, it should be in the body always. It should be removed and kept only in such situations when we are about to touch the dead body while attending the funeral. This is not for 6months or 1 year.  It should be in our body always. There is no such expiry date for these ealas. This should be for our entire lifetime. If after 10 years, there may be double power when we keep on wearing it in our body. our daily prayers may improve the power of it more. The power won’t be the same when we keep it in temple and do rituals when we wear it daily. as only by our daily rituals as the power of that deity increase in temple, when we wear it in our body, the power of that Ealas increase. When the power of ealas increases, benefit and prosperity may come to us and our family. So, we need to understand this and we need to wear it as per that procedure only. When a person is approaching me, I have conditions that I may require at least minimum 5 months’ time, also I won’t send that through courier. There are lot of people who send that through courier. Some may give it within 1 month or even in one week. But if you approach me, I require time. Same way expenses also a bit more. The reason is that I need to write, and I need to do the necessary pooja for that, and only after that i can able to give it to you. The reason is that I wish that a person would benefit when I give it to them. When I wish for a person to get such benefit, that yantra should be powerful enough for that. I also believe only by preparing in such a way that it gets its benefit and power. Even in pooja, there are lot of procedures to be completed. So, when we are doing such pooja or homa and other rituals it should be done in only such ways. I encourage the people’s participation too in that. It’s very rare that I do it online. with the individual’s presence only, I do it. Last week, there were few who came from aboard and few bookings were there. all such people come here from aboard and do pooja and go. they should benefit then only they say good about me. if they say that only I will benefit too. Some may say this is a business. Yes, this is a business but what is required for that business? people who are approaching me should be happy. That is my desire. 

Another doubt that everyone has is that many people say that if we are wearing an Ealas we need to do pooja every year if not its power gets reduced. I believe it is nothing like that. The reason is that it is in our body and I give it after doing all the necessary pooja. if someone else is giving that within a week and I don’t know how much pooja ritual is involved in that. Similarly sending the same through post we don’t know how much pooja ritual is done for that. So, when we get it like that, necessary pooja rituals must be done for sure. The next question is where should these pooja rituals to be done? Sometimes if we get a Rajagopala yantra or Vidhya rajagopala yantra or Sudarshana yantra, where will we do the pooja rituals for these? it cannot be done in a temple. We need to do the individual deity’s pooja only. Suppose if it is a Sudarshana yantra, we need to do Sudarshana yantra pooja only. Who will do it and where can we do that?  We just cannot take it to a temple and do a pooja. If we do so there will be clash in its power. So, we need to check and understand properly what are the necessary pooja things to be done for it in future. Where can we do the pooja? You have to ask the person clearly about this from whom you are purchasing this. Many people call me and ask. I don’t know how they got it. So, while purchasing itself we need to ask from them and we should get the answer for that from them. Just by giving it to a temple to do pooja doesn’t work. We don’t know whether that priest in that temple know the pooja for Sudarshana yantra, annapooraneswari, Vidhya rajagopala yantra pooja. We cannot give that to all temples and do pooja for that. We need to do individual pooja for individual deities accordingly. We cannot do Mahavishnu pooja for lord Shiva. So, each yantra has got each pooja only. We must do that only. or else we may get many dosha while we wear that yantra. There are a lot of things in this. I have told you only a few things here which we all need to know. So, you can do this with the person whom you believe and get it directly by hand from them only. 

Another thing is that many people have called me and asked, we are doing lot of poojas and worship but why is there no benefit for that? I posted a video on my channel regarding that last week. Please watch that if you get time. We have so much stress every day. how to overcome this and where we get a remedy for it, so when we do such things, our life will be benefited and our children also will be benefited. We will be making new videos on various subjects which will be useful for all. Thanks for everyone’s support. 



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