1. Medam – Stars Aswathy, Bharani and Karthika 1/4 pada includes medam Rashi.

  1. There may be unexpected expenses and any travel plans may get delayed and postponed. 
  2. There may be a delay in finishing work for professionals. They may face unnecessary annoyance. Keep things safe at work place. 
  3. Business related matters may become favorable. there is a chance of getting new orders but be cautious while sending orders to customers.
  4.  health will improve. but may face tiredness at times.
  5. understanding between couples may increase. Also, open talks may lessen the gap between them.

Remedy – Worshipping Lord shiva and doing Archana with vilvam leaves will help.
————————–2. Rishabam  – stars Karthiga 3/4, Rohini and makeeram first 1/2 paada includes edavam Rashi.

  1. Be cautious while doing any work and also while trusting others as it may lead to a break up with a person whom you like.
  2. work will be completed as planned for professionals at the same time the expected transfer, travel or promotion can happen
  3. The delay in improvement of business may change and long term old debts will become recoverable. 
  4. there may be a chance of getting into small fights because of anger with family members or relatives.
  5. students be cautious while involving in friendship with others and concentrate only on studies. 

Remedy – Worshipping Lord Subramanian will help to prosper in life.
——————————3. Mithunam- stars Makeeram 1/2, Thiruvathira and punartham 3/4 paada includes Mithuna Rashi. 

  1. things may make you sad this month but there won’t be any problems. unnecessary tension and anxiety may arise in mind . 
  2.  your own speech may rise against you. Hence be careful while talking and think twice before talking. avoid anger. 
  3. expected profits in business may get delayed but at same time expected financial help may be received.  
  4. working professionals may face unwanted job transfers.  but at the same time may get a promotion and salary increments. 
  5. understanding between couples may increase if  but at the same time be cautious while interacting with friends and family members

Remedy – Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi Devi will help to overcome debts.  
————————————-4. Karkidakam – stars Purnartham last 1/4 paada, pooyam and Ayilam includes Karkidakam Raashi.

  1. take care of your health. avoid anger and anxiety. avoid commenting and criticizing others while talking with them. steadiness while doing a work may help to get more success.
  2. workload may increase for working professionals at the same time they may get new responsibilities. They may face long distances and frequent travel related to work. 
  3. Property related issues may get solved one by one and expected goodness may happen. 
  4. business may improve and the money flow will be good. but be cautious while dealing or interacting with customers. 
  5. misunderstanding between couples may decrease at the same time compromising with spouse may help to reduce misunderstanding.  

Remedy – Worshipping Lord Shiva Parvathi will help to get goodness.  
———————————-5.Simham – Stars Magam, pooram and uthram 3/4 paadam includes Chingam Raasi.

  1.  Money flow may be extremely high so that you can complete the work which you are planning and get good results. 
  2. be cautious while helping others as it may lead to issues. Unnecessary travel may raise problems. 
  3. Business may face a dull side as you may need to put in a lot of effort for new orders. even then the results will be favorable. 
  4. working professionals may work with more enthusiasm and improve. They may get  expected transfers and promotions. There may  be work related travel but take care of your belongings while travelling. 
  5. Long term health issues may be removed and unnecessary sadness may be reduced. take care of your mothers health. be cautious while driving or travelling in a vehicle. 

Remedy – Worshipping Lord Ganapathi  will help to remove difficulties.

6. Kanni – Stars uthram 3/4 paadam, Atham and chithira 1/2 paadam includes Kanni Raasi. 

  1. Delay in finishing a job may be removed , even then you may have to work hard to complete that work. be cautious while talking with new friends. 
  2. Business will improve and the hidden competition may be removed. there is a chance of getting a bank’s financial help. 
  3. Though the working professionals may have interest in work they may face delay in completing work. be cautious while talking with colleagues. 
  4. misunderstanding between couples may decrease. it’s better to compromise with each other and avoid talking in anger to family members. be careful while driving a vehicle. avoid interfering in others issues.
  5. Students have to concentrate more on their studies and  be cautious while participating in sports. 

Remedy – Worshipping Goddess Durga Devi will help to get all goodness.———————————–7. Thulam – stars Chitra 1/2 paadam, chothi and Vishakam 3/4 paadam includes Thulam Raasi. 

  1. financial difficulty may arise this month and it will be solved. there may arise a confused mind set to take decisions and it will reduce and change gradually. 
  2. working professionals may get additional responsibility and at the same time remuneration also may increase. 
  3. there may be a chance of increase in mis understanding between couples hence avoid arguments. Family members may talk more about an issue unnecessarily. 
  4. be cautious while driving a vehicle and also take more care of the belongings.
  5. business will be a slight dull side. Even if you get orders, there may be a delay in sending orders to customers. Long term debts may become recoverable. 

Remedy – Worshipping Lord Narasimha will help. 
——————————8. Virshigam –  Stars Visakam last 1/4 paadam, Anizham and thriketta includes Virshika raashi. 

  1. money flow will be there but there may be unnecessary expenses. be cautious while buying or selling a property. 
  2. be cautious while travelling or driving a vehicle. there may be a situation where you get insomnia. 
  3. avoid involving in other’s issues and Voluntarily helping others may lead to problems. 
  4.  business travel may increase. Although there is financial support, expenses may increase. there is a chance of getting new orders. 
  5. take care of your health as there is a chance of getting tired and liver related issues. 

Remedy – Worshipping Lord MahaVishnu will help.  
9. Dhanusu – Stars Moolam, pooradam and uthradam 1/4 paadam includes Dhanu Rasi. 

  1. Money flow may increase this month but at the same time unnecessary expenses may increase. Even if you plan to save money, the situation may not allow it.  
  2. Even though you avoid involvement in others’ issues, even if you speak normally, others may voluntarily come and find faults in that. Hence be cautious. 
  3. compromising and having patience with customers may help the business to flourish. new orders may give fruitful results.
  4. misunderstanding between couples may increase. avoid arguments with relatives. There may be a chance to get introduced with people and at the same time be cautious while interacting with them.
  5. workload may increase. There is a chance of getting a promotion and salary increment which is pending for a long time.      

Remedy – Worshipping Lord Ganapathi will help to get mental peace————————————-
10. Makaram – Stars Uthradam 3/4 paadam, Thiruvonam and Avittam 1/2 paadam includes Makara Rashi. 

  1. there may be a chance of getting health issues and  unnecessary mental tension. hence plan everything and do. 
  2. avoid giving responsibility to others and be careful as they may maneuver. 
  3. work load may increase and there may arise a delay in completing a job and it may lead to tiredness. Working professionals may get unexpected transfers or job changes. take care while you speak with colleagues. 
  4. business growth will be slightly dull. there may be a delay in delivering goods to customers. 
  5. there may be a chance of an increase in misunderstanding between couples. sometimes there may be a chance even for arguments between them. a situation may arise as you cannot say your problems openly. 

Remedy – Worshipping Lord Sani Bhagavan will help to remove hindrances.
11.kumbam – Stars Avittam 1/2 paadam, chathayam and pooruruttathi 3/4 paadam includes kumbam raashi. 

  1. take care of your health and take more care while talking with the opposite gender as it may lead to enmity. 
  2. hindrance in finishing a work may be removed but even then you may have a  lethargic attitude to complete it. 
  3. workload may decrease. Working professionals may get expected promotions and transfers but at the same time compromising with colleagues will be good.
  4. money flow will be good long term pending receivable may be received this month and there you may plan for buying a new property. 
  5. misunderstanding between couples may increase. take care of your parents’ health.

Remedy – Worshipping Goddess Durga Devi will help to remove problems.  
12. Meenam – Stars pooruruttathi last 1/4 paadam , uthrattathi and revathi includes Meenam Raasi.

  1. health will improve. There may arise a situation where you misunderstand others words and later realize and regret it. 
  2. money flow will be good and things may happen favorable to you but  take care with money dealing, lending or buying a property. 
  3.  business may flourish but take care while sending goods to customers. may get expected financial support.
  4.  There may be a chance of misunderstanding between couples and the actions of family members may increase your temper. 
  5. work load may decrease even then working professionals may get unnecessary tension as they may face a delay in completing a job. . 

Remedy – Worshipping Lord Narasimha will help to remove difficulties. 


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