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For a long time, many people have been saying to me that they are having many doubts as they cannot meet me now because of this current situation. There is a problem with how to clarify those doubts. Hence have started a FAQ section on my website. it will be there in the bottom part of the first home page itself. So whatever the doubts you wanted to clarify can be mentioned in that comment box there. It is a personalised comment box and not public. Lot of people will have their own personal doubts. Please mention all your doubts related to astrology and pooja there mentioning your contact details and email id. After we get a few bunch of questions, every month after understanding and learning about those doubts, I will be making a video on that for sure. That is quite a good way because lot of people are asking me. It is not practical to reply to each and every one that time. So after we get 10 or 15 questions, we can make a video accordingly. So everyone can mention their doubts in the home page on the website. Even now a lot of people are sending me their horoscope details in the FAQ section. There is an option to provide the birth date and birth time in the contact page itself. Please send it there. 
Everyone’s favourite God or Close to heart God is Lord Hanuman. We won’t look into Lord Hanuman as we look at any other God. Many have a deep attachment in their heart towards Lord Hanuman. Many chant many mantras for Lord Hanuman. In this video we will see , How to worship Lord Hanuman or How to follow the custom for Lord Hanuman worship, and what are the benefits we get by worshipping Lord Hanuman. 
Everyone knows about Lord Hanuman through Ramayana. He was born as a son of Anjana Devi. He is Vayu putra.  Lord Hanuman has got the same Power of Lord Shiva. We can learn through Lord Hanuman How a devotee should be. Lord Hanuman’s life is such a dedicated life with so much dedication. We know through Ramayan about Lord Hanuman as a devotee of Lord Sri Rama. We get a special energy when we even say the word Hanuman. That is the main benefit. When we are physically tired because of a lot of problems in life, or with very low energy or when we are feeling lazy, without even chanting a mantra, if we pray to Lord Hanuman just by visualizing his form in our heart we will get energised. From Lord Hanuman, with his Gada (mallet), we will get all the energy to destroy all the hindrance we face and to move ahead. So we need to keep in mind a few things when we worship Lord Hanuman. Saturdays and Tuesdays are important for worship. On those days at least, eat vegetarian food, avoid non vegetarian food. It is difficult for so many to avoid eating non vegetarian food once for all. Those who are worshipping Lord Hanuman should be vegetarian at least on Saturdays and tuesdays. On those days If possible follow celibacy ie., brahmacharya. Lord Hanuman is a celibate ie Bramachari and immortal ie.Chiranjeevi. That is why if we follow such ways we will get the blessings soon. Lord Hanuman is a God who will appear to us. I have heard earlier that if we pray wholeheartedly Lord Hanuman will appear in front of us at any time directly. The only thing is that our prayer should be so dedicated with devotion. Anyone can pray sitting at any place. it is not that only a particular person should pray. Anyone can pray to Lord Hanuman sitting at any place. 
Few say that we should not worship at the sunset (dusk time). Our ancestors would say that it is the time we offer milk and fruit so we should not worship Lord Hanuman. It is not only that they said we should not worship lord hanuman, they said we should not chant Sri Rama Namam (Rama mantra) too. Why is that ?. If we say Lord Sri Rama, Lord Hanuman’s presence will be there at the place where we chant Rama mantra. So instead of worshipping Lord Hanuman, where we worship Lord Sri Rama, by chanting Rama Nama or ‘Hare Rama’ or reading Ramayana, there will be Lord Hanuman’s presence where such chants are heard. That is why there is a custom, that during sunset time, when we offer milk and fruit we should not worship. 
As I said, those who suffer difficulties in life, when they worship, they will get a lot of energy in all the ways and more blessings. Children can worship Lord Hanuman for their Studies. So how to worship means, there is a sloka,(Sanskrit verse) everyone knows. 
Manojavam maaruta tulya vegam         Jitendriyam budhimataam varishtam |
Vaataatmajam Vaanarayootha mukhyam
        Sri Rama dootham sirasa namami ||
We can Chant this. its individuals wish how many times to chant. It could be either 12,18,36 or 108 times. It is the count when we chant and we are satisfied with it. it is not only for this be it whatever mantra you chant, or whatever worship we do we should get satisfied. We should chant the mantras until we feel it’s enough. It is not with the base as 108 or 1008 times. 
Another important thing is that, those who face difficulties mentaly in all the ways like depression, or stress related to their job, or those who don’t have stability in mind, we can chant Hanuman Chalisa to them by sitting next to them or by touching them while chanting. Worshipping Lord Hanuman is the best way for those who are suffering depression because of their job or loneliness, or in any way. They can chant Hanuman Chalisa, or they can chant that “Manojavam maaruta tulya’  mantra which i said. These two are too good. Worshipping on Saturdays and Tuesdays will invoke more blessings. 
Worshipping Lord Hanuman is good to an extent for those who are suffering from the difficulties of Sani Dasha (saturn dasa). I said Lord Hanuman has got the same power as Lord Siva. So during the Sani dasha, or Kandaka sani, or 7 1/2 sani dasa, when we worship Lord Hanuman the degree of such doshas will decrease. So it is best for our fulfillment of our wishes, for our job, for promotion in job and such things. 
There will be doubt that everyone will have that during sunset (dusk time) we should not worship Lord Hanuman and then when to worship?  We can worship in the morning time after taking a bath. I said not to worship only during sunset (dusk time). only that half an hour we should not worship. We can worship after that time, or when we light the lamp we can worship. Morning we should face east and in the evening we should face west and sit and worship. While we are sitting, we should sit on a mat or in a small plank and worship. As I said earlier, visualise the form of Lord Hanuman in heart and worship. If we worship in such a way we will get the benefit soon. As I said, not only for depression, but also for those who have severe psychological issues, either their relatives, or their parents can sit next to them , by touching them and by chanting Hanuman Chalisa or this ‘Manojavam’ mantra,there will be a difference in them. Or if we take the Holy ash in hand and chant, there will be a difference in them. their energy level will increase. They will get robust good health. 
It is very good for us if we pray to Lord Hanuman in these ways. But I told you the way and how to worship. Never get misled and spoiled. Worship should be made only for good things else immediately will see the bad effects in our family the next second and not later. If we pray in a good way, we will get blessings for sure in a good way. 
Another thing to mention is that in my last video of ways to attract wealth, we got a lot of good reviews more than expected. Few have told me that I am dragging and saying things elaborately. It is not intentional. When we say something , we should explain in detail and say. The listener should understand that and there shouldn’t be any doubt. When I finish saying something, many have told me that I haven’t completed it or I haven’t told it fully or don’t know what to do further. Nothing is going to happen to us when we take an extra 2 minutes of time to explain it more. When we understand a thing, when we understand it thoroughly, it will be very helpful in our life. That is why I am elaborating on it and telling. Those who call me over the phone know, few things I will elaborate and tell them. I have learnt in such a way. That is the reason. 
As I said in the beginning, mention your doubts in the FAQ section on the website.mention the question there. Definitely, after learning about it, good answers will be presented in a way suitable for all. Many Thanks for everybody’s support. Be with us always. Only because of all your support, we are going ahead. This should reach a lot of people. Many people have felt that this is beneficial for a lot of people as I can see from the comments and many have told me over phone.  If 10 families get benefitted that is good. With that thought alone we can proceed.  Namasthe. 


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