Namaste, I am Jishnu Vasudevan Namboothiri.

I welcome you all to the Edamana Vedic Centre YouTube channel. 

I am going to talk today about a subject, something very special,which everyone should be aware of and which everyone has to follow too. I feel almost 90 % of people are facing financial difficulties. We don’t get money without effort, very few may get through luck like winning a lottery etc.,  I know many people who don’t get the benefit even after trying and putting in their maximum effort. Many people are calling me and I am saying this with my experience. How do we get the benefit when we work or how do we get the benefit doubled ? How to win in life? how we can grow financially and reach heights, how these millionaires who we see have put in their effort and reached that place ? What is the story behind that ? we will see all those. 
Many must have heard and know about brahma muhurtham. While we say brahma muhurtham, there is a specialty for that muhurtham itself. Every time has its own speciality but i don’t know how to say it in words as brahma muhurtham has got much more importance.  Many say about the time like 3.00 AM, 3.30 AM and 4.00 AM. But we can calculate and see on our own which is brahma muhurtham. I will tell you that too. 
When we divide the night time between the Sunset to sunrise in quarters (4 parts), the last quarter is called Brahma muhurtham.  There will be a difference in time. we can calculate it starts more or less from 3.30 – 4.00 AM. But the main essence of that time is from 3.20 A.M to 3.40 A.M. When we wake up before that time, after completing all our daily biological duties and start doing our daily routine work, Success is absolutely for sure. To say it in one word, “Brahma Muhurta – The time to create yourself”. You can become how you want to be. If i would like to become a world famous personality then i can become like that. If I would like to become a big business magnet, It is possible for sure. There is no doubt in that. I will tell you what are the things to be done for that. 
Brahma muhurtham is something which does not belong to a particular community alone.  This is a science. This is a phenomenon for everyone in this world and every country. Brahma muhurta is the time when our human body works or the time when it works at the peak, and when we do get double benefits and we get 100% power. You don’t believe what i am saying but just try it and see for one month. You can see its difference. Every millionaire who we see in this current world, 100% of them, are those who start their duties after waking up at this brahma muhurtham. You can check and see even in google or anywhere else, No one will never wake up after sunrise or they have woken up daily. The specialty is about that time. If we do the necessary things which have to be done during that time and go ahead, we can for sure reach more than the level which we like to be.  We can do many things when we wake up during brahma muhurtham. We can do surya namaskar, yoga, meditation and after that for those who are not having the habit of doing it, can do our daily work. Brahma murhurtham is the time when the power which manages the entire universe enters into us. We need to utilise and use that time maximum. Only then we may get that power and win in life. 
After waking up at that time, you can do surya namaskar, yoga or meditation. for those who have difficulty doing surya namaskar, can do meditation. we can pray to our own God in our usual custom which we usually pray daily. Everyone can do this, there is no discrimnntaion with regard to religion or community. If they are human beings , they can do this for sure. different and many people call me that is why i am saying this as i am not doing for a particular community or religion. Everyone should prosper only then our country will prosper. we should go ahead in that way. So when we wake up during that time and pray to Goddess lakshmi devi as Lakshmi devi is the God for prosperity and finance. Recently I made a video about attracting wealth and there was a good response for that. That video about attracting wealth is the one which I got a lot of happiness from doing a video all these days.  After seeing that video many have called me and said that they have got a lot of difference within a week’s time in their life and there is no much expense involved. After seeing that video when they said that they benefited , that happiness I am unable to explain that happiness.  It is possible only because many are watching the channel and they are sharing the same with others. Same way as I said during the brahma muhurta time worshipping Goddess Lakshmi devi, all your financial difficulties will be removed step by step and you will reach heights in life for sure. that is 100% sure. As i said all billionaires if you look into their lifestyle, they will wake up during that brahma muhurta time and do their work. There is no doubt in that. that much energy and the power of the universe that magnetic power we get. While we travel abroad or if we travel to other states here we will see a lot of things, which all have been created by humans and their mind energy only. We need to create our dreams in our mind. We have to daydream. If our mind and body travels in the same direction, there may be a lot of problems and hindrances, but if we overcome all those and go ahead with one goal , for sure we can reach that goal. We decide what we should become. we can reach there for sure and those hindrances are not at all a problem for that. Many have proved that to us. All the technology in this mobile is manmade. Why can’t we achieve it? When we wake up and work during that time anything is possible for us for sure. Most important thing to keep in mind is that we should go ahead with much concentration.I am repeating, there may come a lot of hindrances and problems in front of us and trouble us. But we should ignore all those. We should have one goal. We have seen lions attacking its prey in so many videos. It will aim at only one prey though there are hundreds of prey overtook and go it will catch the prey the one which it sees. There are a lot of animals which are stronger and faster than lions.But that doesn’t matter for the lion. it has got only one Aim. If we have only one aim and our mind ,body and concentration all together tries in one way we may be able to reach any place and we may be able to do anything. Children have to understand this. Some people will say that my son or my daughter will wake only at 9 am. They say that they are not in kerala and they are in gulf or abroad. What is the matter by saying that? After some days they will become slaves to so many diseases. Our ancestors were so healthy. By waking up early in the morning and doing their work they would be affected by diseases to an extent. That much immunity they had got. This is not the only thing , there are a lot of things and benefits we get when we wake up during brahma muhurtham including our healthwise.  As financial needs are necessary for us I said about financial needs but there are a lot of things behind this. As I said, don’t believe what I am saying , you can believe me only after you get experience. That is why I said you try this for a month, i am not saying that we can control the entire thing within a month, but as I said there will be small changes which we can feel. 
So you can try and see. Those who are calling me, who are suffering so much in their career, personal and health issues overcome those, as everyone has got desires for that whichever way i can support you i will be with you for that. So everyone try doing this. Next week I am coming with a new subject. I believe that everyone’s support will be there for sure. I believe that there will be much benefit if you share this video with your friends. Whatever I am saying doesn’t involve much cost and less expensive things. you can just share this with them or give it to them. Everyone should be benefited and be happy, only then we can live happily. Everyone dont know how many days we live. so as long as we live we should live happily. 


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