Namaste, I am Jishnu Vasudevan Namboothiri. I welcome You all to the Edamana Vedic Centre YouTube Channel.

I am posting this video now because I had a client who came from Salem to see me this morning. He told me that he was affected by some kind of black magic. I didn’t check it, but he kept saying that he is affected with it. He has already done many Poojas previously to get rid of it, but he said nothing worked out and he is not freed from it. Hence he came to see me here.

Many people call and ask me remedies for similar issues and they would like to know how to overcome such issues and they would also like to know how to find whether they have been affected too. So, I thought of mentioning some tips to get over it and then proceed further with any Poojas if required because removing this is an expensive procedure. So, without spending much money, how can we know about it and cleanse it? That is the topic for today. 

There are many kinds of black magic. Please don’t misunderstand when I use this word, because in English, this is the word which is commonly used.

Evil eye is caused in multiple ways. Shathru dosham can also can be done in many ways. It can also be done by reciting manthra. We should first confirm ourselves whether we are affected by it or not. Even without going to an astrologer You can find it out. I had done a video while I was in Malaysia. I had mentioned some points then. And now if at all You come to know You are affected by it, lets see how to clear it ourselves. That would be the best. 90% of the people who come to me are from abroad and outside Kerala. So, to come all the time and get the Pooja done is not practical. So, there are some methods which can practice at home and see good results. But if the problem is intense, then a Pooja will be required. There is no need of getting a Pooja done for everything. So, lets see what are the methods to be followed.

I had posted a video a 2 years ago on this topic on ” How to remove Evil Eye”. If we can light a fire using coconut skin and husk, and into it put dry chillies and rock salt after revolving it 7 times around the affected person, we will be able to check it. In the previous video, I has said 41 times, but it’s ok if we can do 7 times. Revolve 7 times around the person from head to toe and put it into the fire. Usually, if a dry red chilli falls in the fire, we keep sneezing. But here, if You don’t sneeze, it means we are affected by this dosham. There are many people who don’t believe in it and say that all these are superstitious beliefs. For such people, You can try putting one dry chilli into the fire without revolving it around the affected person. Then we can see if You will be able to stand next to it or not. Neighbours might even come to hit us because of the smell. Then revolve the red chillies around yourself and put it into the fire after sometime and check for the smell. Try both this and see the difference. Then let me know if it is superstitious or not and then argue about it. If You try this method, You will get to know if You are affected by the dosham or not.

When we do it continuously for 2 to 3 days, the smell we start appearing and then we can be convinced that we are getting rid of the dosham. Only if the dosham doesn’t reduce, You will need to proceed to the next step to identify the dosham, how the dosham occurred, who has done it, by which method it was done and how it can removed by checking it with an astrologer. After 3 days of performing this method, take rock salt and take a shower. Don’t pour the salt water on the head, You will lose Your hair. 

After taking a normal shower, use this salt water(You should use lots of water), in the end to pour over your body. After performing this method, You will be able to feel the cleansing effect. But if the intensity of the dosham is high, these methods, will not be sufficient. You will have to see the astrologer and perform a Pooja. You need not go to the astrologer as soon as You feel there is an evil eye that has affected You.

When my client came today to check his issue, I didn’t see any major issues. According to what he said, it is not the Shathru dosham, but something related to the family or ancestral issues. So, it should be taken care of in a different method. Each problem has the different solution/pariharam. Some solution are to be done/performed in their house itself like lighting the lamp and reciting  manthra. There is no need to perform Poojas. These can be done by oneself. If we continue to do it in this way, we will be able to succeed efficiently. 

So, please don’t spend Your money unnecessarily. These days it’ so difficult to make money. I have just mentioned this that You don’t lose Your money. Another question which I will be asked is, how will be perform this method if we stay in a flat/condo because they can’t light the fire. If You can do it in the balcony, please do it there. Otherwise the only solution would be to take a shower in salt water. You will be able to see a change when You do that.

Otherwise, You can revolve the dry red chilli and rock salt around You and dispose it outside Your boundary. Please don’t dispose it into the drainage or garbage.

In this method too, You will be able to notice a considerable amount of change.

Only believe in all this after You get the desired results. You don’t have to believe what I say before trying it out. 

Without much expenditure, if You can get the desired results, that would be the best way. Is it not? So try and check this out. 

Till we see next time, Namaste


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