Maha Vishnu Pooja

Lord MahaVishnu, is considered as the supreme deity in Vaishnavism. Narayana as the Para Brahman (Supreme Lord) who creates unlimited universes and enters each one of them as Lord of the Universe.

Narayana engages in the creation of 14 worlds within the universe. Narayana himself sustains, maintains and preserves the universe as Vishnu. In Shaivism, Narayan also accepts sattva guna and annihilates the universe at the end of maha-kalpa as Shiva or Rudra when he accepts tamas guna. Lord Narayana is the supreme controller and is supreme among deities, the ultimate soul. He is also called as Surya Narayana, one who shines like the brilliant sun . He is said to pervade whatever is seen or heard in this universe from inside and outside alike. He is also mainly associated with the cosmic waters of creation.