Namaste, I am Jishnu Vasudevan Namboothiri. I am currently in Malaysia.
This is my first Vlog. Today, We are going to a place which is famous and
a place which everyone is curious to know about.
There are several people who believe in Ghosts/Spirits and some who
Don’t. People who don’t believe in it might be able to have an in-sight
into it and believe to a certain extend.
We have heard about Ghost stories or haunted houses. Today we are going
to a famous haunted house in Malaysia. We will get to know more about it
when we reach there. I had visited this place earlier. After that I
decided to shoot a video, so that I could share with everyone that there
are ghost houses like this. We need a proof/evidence for everything. So,
today we are going to discuss about this place along with proof. I don’t
know what is going to happen. I have a desire to take a video. An
incident had occurred when I visited this place initially. I wanted to
share that incident with You. I proved that the incident is true. But I
wanted to share this with all of You. Hence, I am shooting this video.
I believe everyone will stand with me. We are nearing the SG house. SG
house is a nightmare for everyone here. When we see this place, we know
it looks like a forest. This is a mansion with lots of hidden mystery.
This is the place. We get scared by even looking at it.
This is the SG house. We will see more about it. There were 2 cars here
before like the Porsche. Currently, it looks as if someone has burnt it
or it might have got burnt on it’s on. We don’t know about it. We can
hear some sounds here. We will go into its details.
This is the SG house. It is a haunted place. I sat down and meditated
here for some time. When I meditated, I had a different kind of feeling.
There is an incident which occurred previously because of which I came
here now. I was on my way to the temple at night when I passed this gate
and I saw a figure standing here. A lady’s figure. I didn’t know anything
about it in detail when I saw the figure. I went to the temple, prayed
and got back. I had a Pooja to be conducted the next day. After the
Pooja, I got some time to relax while waiting to have my breakfast. I
dozed off in between. When I dozed off, I heard someone calling me
“Jishnu” with affection. I saw that figure. I just thought that someone
called me while I was taking a nap. When I opened my eyes, I didn’t see
anyone. I asked everyone whether they had seen anyone, and there was no
one there.
Then I started researching about it. Previously, there was a vlogger, a
celebrity vlogger, who had taken a video inside the SG house. Many
vloggers have been here before. But this vlogger noticed a lady’s figure
in a glass bottle which no one else had noticed. She just happened to see
a reflection of this lady’s figure. She got back instantly. People who
went to see it after seeing this video ended up facing several issues.
They were even admitted in the hospitals. I researched about it, and the
figure which I saw in my nap and the figure which she saw in the glass
bottle had lots of similarity. I don’t know why this happened. This is
the reason why I revisited this place. I don’t know if I was called to
this place because someone wants to escape from here. I am not going to

do anything here. Because, if we have to do something here, we have to
know who owns this place or the landlord of this mansion. I think the
government doesn’t know exactly to whom this mansion belongs. I don’t
know, but I have heard it’s Sanjay Gill. But there is currently no detail
about Sanjay Gill here. Another person is Shihango. He is a person who
has received a doctorate and has written books. But no one could take
those books from here because this place is that haunted. We won’t be
able to believe it. People who come here can see it. People in Malaysia
are well aware about it. People who come from abroad cannot go inside and
do anything here. There is a room here which is fastened with metal
nails. No activist who visited this place could break open that door.
They couldn’t get into that room. They cannot do it. It is a room which
holds several mysteries. No one knows what is in there. A paranormal
activist who came here accidently took the picture at night and she
received the image of the lady in the glass bottle. I think I am standing
here because the image in the picture and the image I saw in my nap time
had great similarity or may be due to some external force which is
attracting me to this place. I am not able to explain further about it.
Even if I have to do something, we should know the exact owner of this
place. It’s a desire to do something about it because I don’t want a
property to get destroyed like this. People who stay nearby might be
facing lots of issues. I wanted to get it resolved. Getting such things
resolved will be beneficial for the country too. But we don’t know the
who owns this mansion.
This symbol which You see here above my head is known as the ANKH. I
believe it is a symbol which is related to the bible. It’s a symbol which
holds innumerable mystery. This symbol is located at various locations in
this mansion.
When I stepped here, I touched the soil. I touched the soil before
getting inside. You can see the Goosebumps on my hands now. When I
touched the soil and looked up, I could feel two people standing above
and watching me. I could see it clearly. I told them, “I am not here to
cause any harm. I just want to help, if I can in any way. I came here for
that.” I don’t know what I can do for it. But everyone should know about
There are many people who say that all these are superstitious beliefs
and they say all this is not true. They should understand that there are
things like this. If someone is that courageous, let them come. There are
so many places like this in different countries. Not only in Malaysia,
even in the UAE, there are places where we cannot even go. They are
haunted houses like this. Whether we can clear this- that depends. We
have to see the place. Only if we know the exact owner of the place, we
will be able to go further and research about it. Only after the
research, we will be able to learn about it and clear all this. When we
come here, we can feel a different kind of atmosphere. During meditation
when we concentrate, we can feel the energy which is present in this
People say that there were countless murders that had taken place here.
We can feel that here too. Otherwise we won’t be able to see those
apparitions here (specially those 2 people).
There are many such things which has occurred here. I am going to
research about it further. There are other places like this in Malaysia.
SG house is the second biggest haunted house in Malaysia. People dread

this place. I came and showed You all this. There are many more things
about this place. I am not going into the deeper hidden mysteries due to
the legal limitations associated with it. We will see again when I go to
another haunted house. If there is another haunted house with the precise
landlord, we can help them get rid of such issues. If a family can be
saved, why not?
No one knows where Dr.Shihan Goh is. No one knows whether he is alive or
whether he has migrated to another country.
Sorry, something happened outside. I told You, this place is filled with
lots of issues. No one knows where he is. No one knows where his
kids/wife is at present. There is a picture here of Dr.Shihan Goh here in
which he appears to be around 30 years or above.
This house was shut somewhere around 1999. Its been around 23 years and
this place has been abandoned ever since.
We saw the SG house in person today. I had planned numerous things before
going there. But I missed out on many points. When I stepped out, it was
a silent atmosphere. I saw two apparitions standing there. I prayed
before getting inside. We have to, because it is a different energy which
is present there. We hadn’t gone there to get a Pooja done. If we go
there to perform a Pooja, it’s not required. In that case, we are doing
our duty. Here, we didn’t go for a Pooja. The owner of that property was
not there. We went there in the absence of the owner. When we go in such
situations, we have to take the necessary precautions. Otherwise, we may
face certain unseen issues/problems.
I told You what happened when I visited the SG house. I wish to say
something more about it.
The atmosphere completely changed as soon as I completed my meditation.
It was not the same when I stepped in. You might have noticed the changes
in the video and my speech clearly. I am saying more about it from a
different location. Reason being, just after I completed my meditation
and just started to say about the details of that place, an accident
occurred at that location. There was a lot of disturbance. A peculiar
kind of bird with long beaks and aggressive nature appeared there. So,
when I saw the accident and all the different kinds of disturbances, I
stopped the video.
Taking my profession into consideration, I received a forewarning from
the people above, that many other issues might occur. So I immediately
stopped and moved to the next location.
Still, I wanted to share certain things and hence, I decided to continue
this video . I don’t know how many people will believe what I have said.
But, if You have visited that place, I guarantee a 100% that You will
believe it. You will have to believe it. Such is the circumstance there.
Many people have taken videos there. People take all the necessary
precautions before entering that place. You cannot go there directly
without any kind of precaution/protection. It’s a frightful atmosphere at
the SG house. Everyone knows about it. When people hear about the SG
house, they have a horrifying feeling within them.
There are many things of Shihan Gho’s there, like his electricity bills,
photos and 3 books namely Yoginatha’s book, It’s about the spiritual path

and Magic volume and fate. These 3 books are present there. But the copy
of these books are not available and that’s the irony here. He is a
master of martial arts. The term martial arts brings many things into our
mind. There is some strength which is hidden within us. He has explained
how to bring out the magnetic power within us and enhance it. He had
practised many tantric rituals there and there are proofs for all that
there. There are many proofs in this mansion regarding the things which
he had done in the spiritual path.
Similarly, there is an ANKH symbol displayed as soon as we enter the
mansion. ANKH symbol denotes “LIFE”
Then why is SG house deserted? It’s a question which is present in
everyone’s mind.
We don’t have proofs. But what we hear from many people around is that
numerous murders have taken place there. More than one murder has
occurred in his family, is what is being said. There is no solid proof
available. We don’t know where he is present at present either. We only
know about it from what many people have said.
But when I initially went to the Ganapathi temple in the night, the
figure which stood in the place is what attracted me to this place. But
when I entered that gate the next time, I could see two apparitions
standing there. I could see them standing near the window. I could
clearly feel it. This is why I was curious about what it is and how it
would be and what would happen to it in the future. I wanted to share it
because of this reason.
We can feel the power of the cosmic energy as soon as we enter the
mansion. I will briefly explain what this cosmic energy is all about. If
we can connect with a thing, nature or a persons mind, that energy is
known as cosmic energy. We can enhance this cosmic energy.
Dr.Shihan Gho is an expert in cosmic energy. 3 AM is another important
factor there. We don’t know whether 3 AM was his meeting time or the time
when he woke up or the time when he practiced his rituals or whether he
wrote his books.
But I believe, 3 AM is the Brahma Muhurtham. I have done videos on Brahma
Muhurtham earlier. 3 AM is a very powerful or auspicious time.
But we don’t know what he meant regarding the 3 AM. But 3 AM is a very
auspicious time. If we pray or meditate at 3 AM, chances to receive more
than what we ask for is immense. Still, why is he not coming back, is a
question which remains unanswered.
Similarly, there are many haunted houses like this not just here, but in
many other places around the world. We cannot clear all this because,
unless we know about the original owner/landlord of the place, we have no
rights to do anything.
I believe if the owner is present, we can research and do the needful.
I came into all this because, I would like to learn more about this. I
have been practising this earlier and coming to SG house was also a part
of the learning process. I am planning to go to the other haunted houses

as well. My friend has invited me to another place too. But I don’t know
when I will be going. But however God plans, it will proceed that way.
Please let me know about your opinion in the comment box below. I will
learn about how to prove this even further and shoot videos based on



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