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Many have asked about it to say a few things about  “Vastu”  which is helpful for many people. Hence i am talking about it today. Few basic things which we need to be aware of. 
When we hear about vastu we get a lot of information. there is no need to fear. There is a head for all vastu. His name is Vastu purushan. He is a demon (Asuran) and not god (Devan). That is why when we do construction and the day before the house warming (grahapravesam) we immolate certain things to vastu – we do vastu bali. Since he is a demon we immolate and not offer. So only when we immolate things to vastu purushan and make him happy, we can lead a happy life in future. Though it may be a business premises, shopping mall or factory, whatever it could be, the things which are there within the boundary are known as vastu. If we buy a flat, or a 100 or 1000 acres of land too. Every property has got a dosha (negative energy). So to remove it only that Vastu purusha can decide. That is why we immolate to vastu. Be it our residential house or the place we work,every building has got life. That is why we construct it after considering a lot about its area and calculations. When it gets completed it is controlled by five divine powers (panja bootha) and gets life. We get benefit only when we safely handle it with that much love and affection. There are a lot of buildings which we construct for croers but are useless. We can see it in many cities. The main problem in those buildings is that which is related to vastu.  Some will say when our vastu dosha has been removed our life is improving a lot. That is true and it is like that. When we remove that vastu dosha, what to say, there will be a clear way ahead of us and God will provide in front of us all prosperity. Vastu is the one who has to be treated with that much love and affection. 
As I said, whatever the construction we build, be a big flat, we build with a lot of calculations. when we construct in that way, there may be a lot of hindrance problems and mistakes may come. No one in this world can construct 100% correctly. so What we have to do when such problems come up? We need to think about it only. what is the solution for that?, which side and which direction a mistake had happened?. If we get an illness, when we scan and see only then we can diagnose it. Similarly, after understanding the problems in vastu, we need to do necessary rectifications and solve them. Another thing is that, if we run a shop, or a shopping mall, or anything, when the customers are visiting there, they should think that this place is good and we feel happy and peaceful to be here. only if they feel so, they visit that shop again. we should create such an atmosphere there. So to create such an atmosphere, the negative energy from that shop should be removed from there. So people will say, what a beautiful shop this is, and we may get affected by evil eyes as we say like Guligan in tongue. When they say it in such a way we may get affected in a bad way too. so there are a lot of ways where our business premises may get affected with bad energies. That is also related to Vastu and we will see how to clear it off. 
We know, there are few tips which can be done easily. I am not making it complicated, we all know about crystal salt. When we visit Tamil nadu or abroad, we must have seen that the crystal salt has been kept in a small bowl. Sometimes we may be able to see it or sometimes they would have kept it a place not visible to us. When we visit places nowadays we must have seen a lemon that has been kept in a glass of water. Crystal salt is more effective than that. Crystal salt has the power to attract negative energy. It is only the crystal salt and not the table salt. It has to be only crystal salt. So when we keep the crystal salt like that we need to change it after a week. We need to dispose of it. it is a place where a lot of people visit, so If we do it like that continuously, there will always be a positive vibration in our premises. that will attract a lot of people to the premises. Another thing is that, we may feel discomfort while we get into someone’s house.  As I said there is a life for any building, the only thing is that we couldn’t see with our naked eyes. To keep that life on, it is our responsibility, and it is the owner’s responsibility. When we dress up well in the morning and step out, people will look at us. When they see it, they think it’s good. There will be situations where their heart is filled with goodness. We can do our house and our business premises like that too. In front of our house on the doorstep we can apply turmeric powder or sandalwood  powder. the same way we can decorate with the leaves of the mango tree . all these things will bring positive energy or positive vibration. We can put garland too. We can try it and see it will be very effective. When we step into that house itself, we can able to see the difference. Whatever things we do we come home in the evening and sleep in that home only. We stay in that house only as a family. So that house’s prosperity should fill us in our life. We step out for business or work from that home only. so we need to keep that house safe and secure. We need to manage that house with love. whatever we earn we bring to that house. it shouldn’t be misused. We should think of the house we stay in as our own body. If we think so, the improvement will spread to your children and to everyone. 
So if we do these things, you will be able to see a good difference in your life for sure. Last week i said , i am saying things which involve very less cost and less expensive. So everyone can try and see. You can see a lot of difference and improvement in life. There will be a lot of improvement in our health too. I said, whatever things I say these things I have told to many people before. I will never say things before experimenting with it. Only after experiencing and getting benefitted from it should reach many people and everyone should get benefited, everyone should live happily. We don’t know how long we live. So as long as we live, we should live happily. 
I believe that everyone likes this. You can ask your doubts. you can ask things related to common things we do. Only after studying about it, I will say it for sure. I expect that you will share this video with others too. Many have asked me that they have subscribed but are not able to see any videos. So after subscribing only after clicking that bell icon, I think it will reach everyone. There is a video about how to chant a mantra and all I have said. those who haven’t seen it , please check out that video. Share with others and support. 


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